Tenders Project (tenders.uzreport.com) is the new project of UzReport portal and it was created to assist state structures, private companies, international organizations and others actively engaged in business on the territory of Uzbekistan. This becomes possible thanks to the services offered by our project.

UzReport Tenders should increase chances of enterprises to sell their products or offer services, and receive the most beneficial conditions for purchase.

In order to place information on tender, you should pass registration procedure. Placement of information on tenders for all companies and organizations is free until 1 February 2006.

To become permanent subscriber of the site materials, use its archive, and get free mailing on new tenders, please, register and choose the payment form to select which registration code you will use:

  • if you want subscribe as an individual, you will have the status of individual subscriber and you are offered tariffs under "A" access code;
  • if you are a legal entity, you will have the status of corporate subscriber and you are offered tariffs under "B" access code;
  • if you are outside Uzbekistan, then the subscription terms for you are determined with the status of foreign subscriber, who are offered tariffs under "D" access code.
  • Having placed the information on your company’s products or services in UzReport Tenders, you can find new buyers, enjoying the high level of UzReport internet portal’s popularity.

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